How do I use my U drive?

What is a U drive?

The U: drive is 10GB of file storage space attached to your VIU student or employee computer account.

Why should I use my U drive?

  • Files are saved instantly - in the event of a power failure, your data is good!
  • We do not recommend saving files to your desktop or documents folder. Always save your files in your U: drive.
  • Files saved to your desktop or documents folder may not be accessible on other computers, and may not be backed up.
  • Regular backups are done, so if you accidentally delete a file or need a previous version, you can restore it. For more information: How Do I Restore Deleted Files?

How do I access my U drive on a VIU computer?

U: Drives are mounted automatically on any VIU computer an employee or student logs into. If it's not mounted, try logging out and back in, or contact the IT Service Desk for support.

  1. Click on the folder icon in the taskbar.
    Folder Icon

  2. Then, click on "Computer" or "This PC" (depending on your Windows version) on the left pane. Your U drive will be listed here.
    U Drive

How do I access my U Drive on my personal computer?




Windows (on campus only)
macOS (on campus only)



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