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The VIU Web Ecosystem

The Vancouver Island University (VIU) web ecosystem is a dynamic and multifaceted environment that has a broad range of contributors. Our website shows our audiences the collaborative and exciting place that VIU is. 

The Web Management team has consolidated all the VIU subsites under the viu.ca domain to give more authority to the content created from the research and outreach produced at VIU and to elevate the VIU brand in search results.

The current VIU website ecosystem, under the purview of this governance plan, consists of over 400 websites that are managed through Drupal 7 and 10 content management system (CMS).

Drupal 7 websites share one "mobile-first" theme and can be identified primarily by the consistency with VIU's brand standards.

For content creation and website updates and support, please contact us at Brand@viu.ca. For technical issues and web form support, please contact us at ITHelp@viu.ca.

Our Goals

All sites and subsites that fall under the VIU domain meet the following goals:

  • Facilitate a user experience by intuitively presenting information in a way that will help to develop lasting online relationships with all of our site visitors, especially students, prospective students and other academic audiences
  • Provide collaborative, centralized governance for the online development, deployment, delivery and maintenance for VIU and VIU-related content
  • Consistently represent the VIU brand through standardized processes, roles, responsibilities and practices
  • Achieve a consistent look and feel for the official VIU web presence by quickly, easily and enjoyably providing users with the information they need
  • Meet and maintain web accessibility and security standards and requirements
  • Improve program rankings
  • Strengthen cross-campus collaboration
  • Create high-quality content with the engagement of VIU web system content editors

Guiding Principles

All VIU web initiatives are guided by these principles:

  1. Our visitors come first. All our work - including content, design and allocation of resources - is created with the needs of our audiences in mind.
  2. We are consistent with our brand. The VIU brand is our reputation, and the website exists to highlight and elevate that reputation to our audiences.
  3. As a leader in providing high-quality learning, Vancouver Island University supports the well being of the people of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia by promoting a high quality of life for their communities through commitment to student success, community engagement and associated scholarship.
  4. We are aligned with our university's mission and guiding principles. As a teaching university with a complementary research agenda, VIU provides a comprehensive range of programs – preparatory and vocational through graduate – that enables all learners to pursue rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.
  5. Our websites are responsive. A responsive design helps future-proof the site across multiple devices, including but not limited to computers, tablets and smart phones.
  6. Our web structure is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 Level AA compliant. The VIU user-centric web structure is based on visitor needs as opposed to the university’s department and office organization, incorporating user-friendly Accessibility-compliant content, information architecture and navigation.

Primary support for viu.ca and associated sites and assets is led by VIU Brand and Marketing, working closely with the Web Management Office. The website is the sole property of Vancouver Island University. While certain faculty and staff have access to edit specific portions of the site, create new content and remove old content, the site and all subsites remain the property of VIU.

The Web Manager provides oversight and strategic direction; reviews requests from academic and administrative stakeholders and sets priorities; and apprises the Web Working Group of projects and plans.

The VIU Web Management Office has access to all areas of the VIU website. To ensure quality control, the office reserves the right to alter content as needed for clarity, grammar, spelling, usage, accessibility compliance and style. The office may also make changes to ensure conformity to university naming conventions and branding as well as to adjust content that does not meet acceptable use guidelines or the standards outlined in this guide.

Additional responsibilities of the Web Management Office in conjunction with Brand and Marketing include the following:

  • Ensure site quality and content integrity
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory standards, such as accessibility, security and protection of personal information
  • Offer primary technical and strategic support for viu.ca and our associated sites and assets
  • Provide training and support for content editors in:
    1. use of the content management system
    2. overall content and User Experience, and
    3. compliance with the Canada Accessibility and Accessible BC Acts
  • Maintain the software in a timely manner

Management Teams

Due to the size, engagement level and complexity of VIU, the Web Management Office has implemented a “Web Working Group” to support web governance. The working group mirrors the organizational structure of the institution. 

Content editors and project leads are based within each academic department or administrative unit. Web editors function in operational and administrative roles and typically report to department or unit heads. Contributors are selected from department or unit employees based on current needs, requirements, skills and abilities, with the VIU Web Management team acting in a liaison role. Editors work within their specific departments to complete web-related tasks but may consult with the Brand and Marketing and Web Management team to perform their duties.


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