Highlights is where we feature recent Information Technology projects, initiatives, and changes to VIU technology. We'll use this section to let you know about upcoming changes and recent developments that impact you.

What's Highlighted Now?

Secure I.T. is an initiative to inspire the VIU community to engage with and control their information security at work, at home, and on the road.

About Us

Want to get to know us? Learn about our missions and values to see why we do what we do.


Have you ever wanted to get the entire IT department into a room and ask them anything you like? Are you willing to settle for 3 members of the IT department?

We have the room for you! Or rather, a virtual room with a panel willing to listen and answer your questions accompanied by the occasional special guest(s) for themed sessions. Head on down to below to find the schedule and link for the zoom session. See you there!

How Do I Find Out About Highlights?

Highlights will often be announced in our Weekly Maintenance emails, the VIU Digest, and other communication methods. You can also check back to the Highlights section every now and then to see what's new and exciting.


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