How do I redeem a Prepaid Print Card?

  1. Sign in to PaperCut
    Navigate to VIU's Papercut site and login to the page using your VIU computer account login details (you cannot log in unless you are connected to the VIU network!). This is the same login information you would normally use to get into your VIULearn account (not your student record – this is different!) – provide your student number as your username, and your computer account password for your password.

  2. If you have any issues logging in or need to reset the password for your VIU computer account please take a look at this article: What do I do if I forgot my VIU password?

  3. Click Redeem Card on the left side.

  4. Type in the code from your card. Enter the code as it is written including dashes.

  5. Click the green Redeem Card button on the bottom right (see above).

  6. Close the PaperCut web portal and continue using the computer as usual.


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