Service Catalog Coming Soon

The question we get most often is "how do I request a thing from IT?" The answer is almost always, "email".

However, we know there's a lot more to that question!

What people are really asking is:

  • What are the options for requesting that thing?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the timelines?
  • What info do you need?

So to help the VIU community know WHAT they can request and HOW to request it, IT is building a VIU Technology Service Catalog. Our goal is to list all VIU technology services and answer all those questions for you!

This is a huge undertaking as it's not just IT services and processes, but also other technology systems that other departments use.

We are starting now and hope to have the top 10 requested IT services done by April 1 2022. And a full listing of services done by December 2023.



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