How do I run a virus scan with Windows Defender?

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This page describes how to perform a full virus scan with Windows Defender on a VIU device.

If you believe your computer may be infected with malware, please notify us by phoning 250-740-6300 or email (after hours) and include your computer name.

  1. Click Start. In the search box, type in "Windows Security" without the quotes.
    Search for Windows Security

  2. Click Windows Security.
    Open Windows Security

  3. On the left menu, select Virus & Threat protection

  4. Click Scan options
    Virus & threat protection

  5. Select Full scan

  6. Click Scan now
    Full Scan

  7. The scan will start. Please wait for it to complete.
    Scan in progress

  8. Once the scan is completed, click Protection History. Please notify if anything is found and include your computer name.



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