How do I access my employee email?

Important Note: This article only applies to employees. For information on student virtual emails, please see: How do I create a student virtual email address?

Outlook Web Access (Webmail)

Outlook Web Access (OWA) enables you to securely access your Microsoft Outlook mailbox from most computers with an Internet connection. This is sometimes referred to as Webmail or VIU Webmail. It is an easy way to access your Outlook mailbox when you are away from your office computer. You can check and respond to email, manage your calendar and see other Outlook items.

You can access Outlook Web Access by visiting

Outlook for Windows (VIU Computer)

When logged in to your VIU account on campus your Outlook will automatically be set up with your VIU email. You may have to enter your email address and password the first time you open Outlook. If this isn't working for you, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Outlook for Windows (Personal Computer)

These directions are posted for informational purposes only. IT only provides support for Webmail on personal devices.

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. If you are prompted for your email address, enter it. Otherwise, Click File, then + Add Account
  3. Enter your email address, then click Connect
  4. Choose "Exchange" as the mailbox type
  5. Enter your VIU password, then click Sign In
  6. Uncheck "Allow my organization to manage my device", then click No, sign in to this app only
  7. Click Done

Outlook for Mac

Mac Mail, which ships with Mac computers and devices is not supported at VIU. Currently, the best option for Macintosh users who want to access VIU email is to use Webmail or Outlook.

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Enter your email address in the appropriate field
  4. Enter your username in the requested field (e.g. viu\doej). 
  5. Also enter your VIU computer account password in the field requested.
  6. In the Server field, enter: and then click on the Add Account button.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Preferred - Outlook for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Alternate - Apple Mail


Perferred - Outlook for Android
Alternate - Android Mail
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