How do I connect my laptop to a projector?

Step 1: Identify what adapter the projector uses

Projectors may use a variety of different display cables including DVI, VGA, DispalyPort, and HDMI:

Common Display Cords

Step 2: Identify what ports your laptop has

Your laptop may have different ports and may require an adapter:

Common display interfaces

Step 3: Obtain an adapter (if you need one)

If your laptop does not have the correct port, you will likely need an adapter. Contact your area administrator for help ordering an adapter. If you need a recommendation on what adapter to purchase, please contact us at

Step 4: Connect your laptop

  1. Connect the projector's display cable to your laptop, using the appropriate adapter if necessary. Make sure the projector is turned on.

  2. You may need to change your laptop's display preferences. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press P, then select Duplicate or Extend
    • Duplicate: Duplicates your laptop's screen to the projector
    • Extend: Uses your projector as a second monitor
  3. If you still need assistance, call the IT Service Desk at 250-740-6300 (Local 6300) for AV assistance.


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