How do I make conference calls?

You have a few options:

  • If your call is just one person calling out to many others then you will not need any special equipment, just a regular phone.
  • If many people need to speak to another person all you will need is speaker phone
  • If many people need to speak with many other people you will need a special conferencing phone.

Audio Conferencing

Telus Conferencing Options

To set up a conference call you will need to contact Telus with the number listed below. They will set up the conference for you. They do charge for this service, but you can use your departments cost centre for the charges.  

NOTE: Any prices given below are estimates, the actual charges for your call may be different.

The number to call is 1-877-944-6338, the prompts to follow are shown below:

  • 1 - English
  • 2 - Conference
  • 3 - Customer Service and Reservations

Request should be for a Conference Bridge setup. One time conference, request for Automated Service (prices are estimates only and may change)

  • Call Telus at above number every time a conference bridge is required
  • Provide a billable number and a cost code – Telus can verify the number you provide
  • Indicate date/time and duration of the call
  • Inform as to the number of participants
  • Bridge number will then be provided and you will be assigned code for that meeting only this code will need to be given out to participants so they can use it when they call in.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you book for 10 people and only 8 show up, you will be billed for 10
  • There is a no show charge of $25 for up to 10 users
  • Example: 3 person call booked for 9am to 10am – The first person connected at 8:58, last person out at 9:30am.
  • You will be billed for 32 minutes at 10 cents a minute (VIU pricing) + 8 cents a minute if participants use a toll free access number, multiplied by 3 participants
  • If they have a 604 area code or long distance, charges may be as high as 18 cents a minute if you’re calling from Nanaimo

Telus Conference on Demand

Telus also has a service called conference on demand.

  • Call Telus at 1-877-944-6338 to setup the service
  • You will need to provide a Telus land line number for billing purposes
  • There are no monthly charges and no set up fee
  • You will only pay for what you use at 10 cents a minute per user/per call (VIU pricing) + 8 cents additional for toll free number access.
  • Telus will provide the bridge phone # and participant/moderator access codes
  • No need to call Telus every time you need to use it

The 1-877-944-6338 number can also be used for support during a call,  or to speak to a Telus agent for more information or pricing.  There are a lot of helpful teleconferencing tips on the Telus site, or you can download the Audio Conferencing User Guide.

Conferencing Rooms and Equipment Loan

Rooms with Conferencing equipment:

  • Room 305-507 (it has a telephone conferencing unit that is good for 5-10 people) - Link to Polycom User Guide 
  • Room 250-402 (it has a speaker phone set up - L6546 digital M3902).

Borrow the Polycom conferencing Unit:

The Library Equipment Loans can rent out the conferencing unit (called the Polycom Station 2). This device allows people on both sides of the call to speak at the same time. The Equipment booking can be done online here. This device can be plugged into any analog phone connection on campus.

Make sure that the line you are using is able to dial outgoing calls.

Analog phones use the “old style” phone plugin instead of the “network cable” type. If you are not sure of the phone port please test the unit ahead of time to make sure it works. Plug the PolyCom device into the phone jack, if you get a dial tone, then it is an analog line.  Not dial tone indicates it is probably a digital or dead line.
The PolyCom unit will come with a set of Instructions and the device User Guide, but it always a good idea to book it early so you have time to check it out and ensure you know how it all works before your conference. Link to Polycom user guide

Video Conferencing

Placing a Video Conferencing Call

  1. Use the TV remote to turn on the two television monitors.
  2. Place the conferencing phone (see image below) on the center of the table.

Conference phone

Conference Phone (Zoomed)

  1. Dial the IP address for the location you are calling into the conferencing phone and click the VIDEO button. Be sure to include the PERIODS in the IP address.
    • NOTE: The IP Addresses for the VIU video conferencing units are as follows: Cowichan:
      Powell River: Nanaimo 305-274: Nanaimo 305-509:
    • NOTE: You can call other video conferencing units but you cannot video conference with SKYPE or other PC based video conferencing software.
  2. The phone will ring and when the recipient of your call answers, you will see them on the monitor.5. If the recipient does not answer, you may need to redial them. To redial the last IP address you called, press the REDIAL button on the conferencing phone.
  3. To add another person to the call press the ADD button on the conferencing phone, dial the second participant's IP address, and press the VIDEO button.

**305-274 is currently unavailable

Answering an Incoming Video Conferencing Call

  1. Use the TV remote to turn on the two television monitors.
  2. Place the conferencing phone (see image above) on the center of the table.
  3. Give the caller the IP Address for your location
    • NOTE: The IP Addresses for the VIU video conferencing units are as follows: Cowichan:
      Powell River: Nanaimo 305-274: Nanaimo 305-509:
  4. The unit will automatically answer but your side of the conversation will be muted.

**305-274 is currently unavailable

General Video Conferencing Settings

To mute/unmute your side of the conversation, press the MUTE button on the conferencing phone.

  •  To adjust the volume of your call press up or down on the VOLUME toggle button on the conferencing phone.

When you are finished, please return the phone and its cable to the shelf under the TV monitors and turn off
the two monitors with the TV remote.
See below for instructions on how to use the Video Conferencing remote.
For any additional help, please call IT Service Desk at 250-740-6300 (Local 6300)

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