How do I use Employee Directory System (EDS)?

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What is the EDS?

The Employee Directory System (EDS) is a web based directory of contact information for all VIU employees. It is designed to make us more accessible to our students and the VIU community.

How do I access the EDS?

The EDS can be accessed on or off campus. It requires a login and is only accessible to employees of VIU. Log in using your VIU username (e.g. doej) and password.

Open Employee Directory System (EDS)

  1. Log in to the EDS using your VIU username and password
  2. Choose your search category from the drop down list and then select from the second box or type in a name or local as per category requested.

How do I update information in the EDS?

Data in the EDS is pulled from three different sources:

EDS Sources

Only RFT, RPT, TFT, TPT, LTC, TSES appointments show in the directory. Only current active appointments will be displayed.

If an employees’ building, room, or phone is incorrect please have the employee contact their departmental OIS coordinator to correct, usually the dean’s assistant, a program assistant, or faculty secretary.

If an employee thinks that their name, department, title, campus, mail drop, or email is incorrect please have them email

How to I update or hide my photo?

Show/Hide Photos

Employees who do not wish to have their photo displayed in the directory can:

  1. Sign on to the Employee Portal
  2. Click on "Personnel information" under heading: Your employment
  3. Click on Employee Self-Serve tab
  4. Click the box under "Do Not Show Photo" to disable
  5. An option to display Work Cell Number in the directory can also be entered

Update Photos

If employees email a photo of themselves to and indicate that they would like their picture in the Employee Directory updated, this can be done through our photo ID system. The photo should meet the photo requirements listed on the photo ID page.

It is not necessary to replace the photo ID card itself. If employees would like to replace their card because it has been lost or damaged, this can be done at no charge and be printed with an updated photo.


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