Get Editor Permissions

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Your first step to gain editing access to a website is to send an email to to create a ticket. 

Within this email:

  • indicate the site(s) to which you would like access
  • if you are not the site owner, you may be required to have permission from the site owner. Usually this is a dean, admin assistant or manager. They can be cc'd in the access request that is sent to

Once it is confirmed that you can have access, you will be contacted about receiving training to edit the site. 
All site editors must receive training before they are given editing permission.

After training is complete, reply to the help desk staff using your original ticket message and they will send you a link that you will use to log into your site for the first time.

You will need to reply again to (using the original ticket message) to confirm that you have logged in for the first time. This will allow the techs to set up your permissions on the site and allow you to start editing.


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