Add or Replace Media

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Media may take the form of images, documents and video.

Add New Media

Adding media is generally done in the body field of edit view of a content page. Click the add media icon and the following dialog will appear:Media dialog

Choose an appropriate tab from the upper right of the dialog for the content you are adding

  • Upload - add content that is stored locally on your computer
  • Web - add external content such as a YouTube video or VIUVideos URL
  • Library - these are the files that you have already added to Drupal.  This allows for re-use of content

Follow the dialogs after you have chosen or uploaded content and fill in the appropriate fields

  • Name: this is the administration name used by Drupal and is important for locating the media for re-use (this does not need to be the file name)
  • Alt Textis used by screen readers, search engines, and when the image cannot be loaded
  • Title Textis used in the tool tip when a user hovers their mouse over the image
  • Crop: allows for removing excess area of the image
  • Display As: drop-down allows choice of the size of the image

When you are done hit submit to insert the image into the page.

Media Alignment

Use the justification buttons to float the image to the right, left or to center it.

Media Captions

When the media is selected, the caption icon becomes active and allow you to add captions to the image. 

Caption icon: Add a caption to an image

Replace Existing Media

If you want to update the media itself, such as the uploading a new revision of a document, it is best practice to replace the file itself.  You may have multiple places in your site that link to the media, or external sites may be linked to the media.  Note that you must use the same file name if you are replacing media.

To replace media use the administration toolbar to navigate to the Content view page which is accessed by clicking Drupal Icon > Content on the  Drupal admin toolbar.  From the content view, choose the Files tab.  From files tab search for the media you would like to edit (filtering on the Type and/or Site fields):

Files tab

After pressing the edit button on the desired file you can change many of the fields associated with the media, as well, you can Replace file. After saving, all places that contain a reference to this media are still pointing to the correct location.

  • If you need to remove a document and are not going to replace it, please email the IT Service Desk and create a ticket to ensure all references and links to the old document are properly removed from other web pages.

  • Ensure that all documents (PDF and Docs) use logos used that are current. Consult the Strategic Marketing department web page and review the many resources they offer.


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