Create a Parent Menu Item

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Use these instructions to create a parent menu item that does NOT have a page associated with it.

As mentioned on the Manage the Site Menu page, use the cog icon from the Drupal navigation pane to open the Menu Group for the site.

When the Menu Group Opens, click on the Add Link button at the top left of the page.

 A new page will open with fields to set up for the new menu item.

  • Enter a short but descriptive title for your new menu item
  • Enter <nolink> in the Path field, since you are not going to link this to an actual content page
  • Enter a short description for what this menu item is for
  • Choose an appropriate parent link, this is where the new menu item will be situated.
  • The weight field is optional. You do not really need to fill this in. It is easier to just drag the item into place once it has been saved
  • SAVE the changes when you are done.

For my example, I wanted to add a menu item called Section Type Descriptions and I wanted it to be a under the existing Sections menu item.

So when I filled out the form and saved the changes, here is how my new menu item will look on the Menu Group Page

If I chose the wrong parent link, all I need to do is click my mouse on the cross arrows and drag the item to a different location. 

Be careful when you drag items around if you drag them to the right, it will create become a sub-menu of the item above it, and if you drag it to the left it will become a parent. If you look closely at the list in the example above, you will see that my new item, Section Type Descriptions is not lined up with the Sections item above it, this means that my new section is a sub menu of Sections. On the published site, this would look like the following example.

The white arrow shows that there are sub-menu items under this Heading, but the actual menu item is not a link to a page, when you click the white arrow you will see the list of sub-menu items.


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