New Technology Purchase Recommendations for Students

This is a page to give students and employees an idea of what to look for when choosing hardware and software for personal devices (non-VIU) that are used for learning or work.

Your course may have specific hardware requirements. If you're unsure, contact your instructor for more information.

Please note that VIU does not endorse, recommend, or provide support for these products or services. Every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information.

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Internet Connection

  • At least 30 Mbps download speed per user
  • Faster speeds are required if multiple people are using the same connection
  • A minimum 10 Mbps upload speed per user for video conferencing
  • For good quality while video conferencing a wired (Ethernet) connection is preferred over wireless

You can check your internet connection speed by doing speed test. Contact your internet service provider if you have questions about your plan.

Hardware and Peripherals

Laptop or Desktop
USB Storage


Office Suite
PDF Reader
Web Browser
Screen Recording
Audio/Video Player
Password Manager

More to come. Check back soon!
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