Where do I pick up or drop off equipment?

IT now has a new locker system, which allows employees to pick up and drop off equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lockers are located at the Nanaimo Campus, Library B305, 2nd floor (in front of the Campus Store). An employee card will be required to enter the area outside regular University operational hours.

Note: Some pickups will still need to be received at the IT Back Door (instructions below)

Please see below for instructions on picking up and dropping off equipment for IT.

How do I drop off an item at the lockers?

I don't have a ticket number:

Please contact the IT Service Desk at ithelp@viu.ca or phone 250-740-6300 prior to dropping off an item to receive a ticket number.

I have a ticket number:

To deposit an item for the IT department, please follow the steps below:

Please Note: All items left MUST have a printout of the IT ticket attached to it, otherwise we will not know who it belongs to.

  1. Press English
  2. Press Deposit
  3. Select Other Carrier
  4. Select VIU Information Technology
  5. Select CLIENT
  6. Select Parcel or Envelope depending on the size of item.
  7. A door will open. Place the equipment with a copy of this ticket in one compartment and close the door.

How do I pick up an item from the lockers?

To pick up an item for the IT department using the locker system, please follow the steps below:

Please Note: You will require the PIN code, and locker number supplied to you in the IT ticket you were sent.

  1. Press English
  2. Press Collect
  3. Enter your PIN number you were provided
  4. Enter the Compartment # you were provided
  5. The compartment will open, retrieve your item and close the door.

What if I was told to pick up an item at the IT back door?

Please note:

  • Dropoffs will not be accepted at the IT back door
  • For everyone's safety, you will not be allowed in the IT department
  • You will not be able to pick up equipment without your employee ID

Pickup location and hours:

  • Location: Door is located on the first floor of the Library, Building 305. It's found around the corner from the receiving bay, and faces out onto the staff parking lot below Building 356. See location on Google Maps
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 1-3 pm
  • Have your ticket number and employee ID ready for the equipment pickup

What if I am at another campus?

If you have not yet received instructions from a technician, please contact the IT Service Desk at ithelp@viu.ca so we can make alternate arrangements for pickups and dropoffs.


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