Digital Signage Guide

Digital signage offers VIU Campuses the opportunity to foster a sense of community by timely communicating messages of interest and importance to our students and employees. Digital signage also incorporates the ability to display campus wide emergency announcements through a connection to our Alertus system.

Digital signage at VIU is administered by the web team in IT. Content is provided by employees and students by following the signage submission procedure.

Messages must be appropriate for viewing in public areas and comply with the following criteria

  • Compliance with the University's strategic messaging and goals
  • Compliance with all copyright and trademark laws and regulations
  • Be of broad interest to the campus community
  • No commercial or other for-profit messages
  • Messages cannot be of a political nature or be an endorsement for any political candidate or person seeking an official position, whether it be on or off campus 

Signage Locations

Nanaimo Campus

  • Welcome centre
  • Welcome centre - advancement
  • Upper cafeteria - common area
  • Upper cafeteria - cafeteria entrance
  • Library
  • Management
  • Academic and career preparation

Cowichan Campus

  • Welcome centre
  • Cafe

Powell River

  • Welcome centre

Deep Bay

  • Entrance
  • Kitchen


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