Request a new Contacts Page

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If you decide that you want to add a Contacts Page to your website, you need make sure that you follow the procedure below:

Before submitting a ticket:

  1. obtain a copy of the correspondence that shows you have permission from your department administrators to add this resource to the website.

  2. If you are not a website editor, determine who your Editors are. Each department should have staff who are designated as website editors. These users will be responsible for adding/removing people from the contact page.  
    Please include an existing editor as a CC to the ticket correspondance to let them know that you are making the request. We can send the editor the instructions for using the new page once it has been set up.

  3. Read through the Overview and decide what format/layout you wish to use, and if you want to have categories; decide which categories you need to have set up.

  4. Once you know which format and layout you want to use, you need to email and create a ticket for your request. 

Information to include in your ticket request

Please include the following information in the email that you send for your request:

  1. URL for the site you wish to add the Contact Page to
  2. Name for the new contact page, or name of page you wish to replace with a contact page.
    • Page name examples: Contact Us, Meet Our Team, Get to Know Us etc.
  3. Indicate whether you want the page Categorized or plain Grid (as per descriptions on Overview page). If you choose a categorized view:
    • Indicate which categories do you want to use for grouping your staff
      • examples: employees, affiliates, instructors, support staff, technician etc…
      • Note: editors cannot add new categories.  In the future, if there needs to be a change or additional categories added, this will require a new ticket for the web team.
  4. The Help Desk team will assign your ticket to the Web Team, and someone from that team will be in touch with you when the page or is ready or if there is further information needed.
  5. After the new page has been added to your site, the Editors of the site will be sent instructions for how to add the required department contacts to the new Contacts page.
  6. The Web Team and Help Desk technicians are able to assist you if you have any challenges with adding or removing people but it is the department responsibility to keep the list of contacts current and remove people as they leave the department.

Once the page has been created, follow the instructions on the Add/Edit/Remove Contacts page.


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