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Once the web team has created the basic Contacts Page grid, you can start adding contacts.  This will also be the page you come to when you need to remove or edit contact information.
If you chose to use a sub page layout, you can also edit contact information from the individual contact sub page, but to remove a contact you need to know how to find the sub pages in Drupal.  Instructions for finding the main page, as well as the individual sub pages is provided below.

Find your Main Contacts Page:

  1. Log into your department web site using your VIU credentials
  2. Click on the Drupal Head icon located on the main task pane on the top left side of the screen, then click on Content
    find page example
  3. You will see a list of all content on your site. You can enter your page name in the "Title" field to narrow the search, or if you do not know the name, you can filter by choosing Section Page for the "Type" of page:
    content page
  4. Once you find your page in the list, click on the title to open the page.
    filter page
  5. For the main page layout there is not much you can edit, you can add a block of Text or an image under the page title, but the web team will set everything else up.
    You will need to come to this page when you want to add a new contact.  

Edit basic Contacts Page layout

  1. When your contacts page opens, click on the pencil icon to edit the page:
    edit button
  2. Add the desired text or image to the Body area and Save the page to see the results.
    edit screen
  3. Do not change any other settings on this page.

Find individual contact sub pages

Drupal  will create a sub page for each person you add to your Contacts page.
If you are using a layout grid with sub pages, you can go to a person's contact page by simply clicking on their name, if you are not using a sub page layout, you will need to find the person's page in the Drupal Content area. Once you know how to find and open the sub page, refer to the Edit or Remove Contact Information instructions.

Sub Page Layout - Open a sub page from main contact page 

  1. follow the instructions above to open your main contacts page.
  2. When the main page opens, simply click on a person's name to open their contact information sub page
    contacts with sub page

Non Sub Page layout - search for contact sub page in Drupal Content:

  1. Go to the Drupal Content area as mentioned in step 3 of the Find Your Main Contacts Page instructions above.
  2. In the Type field, choose Contact, then click Apply.
    find contact sub page
  3. The result will show ALL contacts on your site. Find the person you wish to work with and click on their name to open their information page.

all contacts


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