About Sections

You can easily change how your web page layout looks by adding your information in Sections.
Sections are also a quick and easy way to manage changeable content on your page or to highlight enticing content on your pages. Simply choose the section type you want to use and fill in the required fields.

Use a section if you have an event or temporary information messages you need to display. When the event or time limit has passed; you just simply remove that section. This way you would not have to edit the whole page when you want to change up the content.

Another nice thing about using sections is that the VIU Theme colours are already set up on most section types, all you need to do add your text and images as instructed.

The menu items under Section Type – Descriptions will give you a brief description for each type of section, along with images to represent what the section will look like after it has been published.

The menu items under Section – Set Up Instructions  will give you information about common section elements then will guide you through the set-up instructions for each type of new section.  There are some steps that are similar for all section types, be sure to review the Common Elements pages before you start adding sections.

Before adding sections

It is important to make sure you are using a Full Width Layout for your page. Sections will work with columns but the results are unpredictable. 

Check the page layout:

  1. Go to the edit area on the lower right corner of the page you want to edit and click on the sheet of paper icon to expand the menu options:   
  2. Click on Change Layout
  3. You will see various layout styles, but you want to make sure that you chose the simple Full Width layout without any columns:

  4. Save the page once you have chosen the correct layout.

Please be sure that you have reviewed the information on the Drupal Best Practices page before continuing.


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