Add a Combo Section

There are a few areas to fill in with a Combo Section - Image, content, CTA button and display settings

Each part will be explained separately.

The first part deals with the Image you want to use.

Refer to the Using the Image Browser page if you need assistance with this part.

When the image is successfully added, it will appear in the image Area. Enter an appropriate Image Title for the photo you have chosen

 The Image Text is a short description of the photo content that will appear under the Image Title.

The Text area - Content text is used  area to give a longer description or more information about the main image. 

The CTA button fields are next, they are optional. If you want to add a CTA button that will take viewers to another page or website then fill out these fields. In this case I am going to add a link to Wikipedia page about the volcano, so I would fill it out as shown below:

If you want to link to another page on the existing site, you can use the Search content option.


Click Insert Link when you have found the the resource you wish to link to.

The last thing to set up is the Display Setting Options.

The Display settings are all required fields. The option you choose will depend on the type of image you used.  You may want to pick one theme and then save the page and see how it looks in preview.  You can always go back and edit the section and switch to a different theme if you do not like how it is displayed. I have inserted examples of each display setting (using the exact same image and text on all examples) so you can see how they look.

Click Save once you have chosen a Theme and you will see the results on the page preview.

In the first example I chose Light Text for the Image Content Colour and Light Text on Primary Color background, for the Text Colour Theme. This is how it looks:


In the next example I changed the Image Content Colour option to Dark Text, but kept the Light Text on Primary Color background for the Text Colour Theme.  I think this one looks better.

 Next, I left the Image Content Colour set to dark Text but changed the Text Colour Theme  Light text on secondary color background.
I think the primary background looks better for this particular image:

The other option for the Text Colour Theme  is, Dark text on Light background

You need to decide which combination of options looks best for the image and text you have chosen.


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