Add a Flex CTA Section

Flex CTA sections give you a cropped image with room for a description below and a CTA button that will allow viewers to click to open a new page or resource. When you choose this section type, you will see the following fields:

You can add more than one CTA (call to action) so the first thing to do is click on Add new CTA  and fill in the required fields:

I am going to use sloth information in my examples below.

NOTE:  In the FLEX CTA type of section, the CTA button will show up, even if you do not fill in the associated fields. In the other types, the button does not show up if you leave the fields blank.

For the first example I left the Text Colour Theme as –none-.  (I will show how the different theme options show up after I add another CTA) 
Here is how the first example (one CTA)  looks after saving the page:

Now I will add another CTA to this section, so you can see how that will look.
Click to edit the page, scroll down to find the Flex CTA section and click Edit on the section:

When the section editing screen comes up, look at the bottom for the Add another CTA button: it will be just above the Text Colour Theme box.

You will get the same boxes to fill out as shown in the first example, add your information and save the page.
(I will show examples of the different  Text Colour Themes at the end of the page).  With 2 CTA's the section will look as follows:

You can add up 3 CTAs to the section if you want. The images get smaller and they will line up in the box, this section will be full page width.

The following examples will show the above content with different Text Colour Themes and show how it looks on the saved page:

Light text on Primary background is the default, so even if you choose – none- it will look like the example above.

Light text on Secondary Background is another option and it will look like this:

Dark text light background is the final option, it looks like this:

Try the different themes and see how they look when saved, then pick the one that looks the best for the page you are working on.


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