Add a Collapsible Section

There are currently 2 section types are Collapsible.
The choices are Collapsible or Collapsible Groups.

  • Collapsible sections are good to use when you have a lot of information to share but you do not want to take up a lot of space on the main page. 
  • Collapsible Groups are good when you have a variety of items that may or may not interest the viewer, with the collapsible group; the viewer can pick which items they want to read more about.

These instructions will explain how to add a simple Collapsible Section

Collapsible section fields look like this:

Enter a descriptive title because the body will not appear until the viewer clicks on the arrow to expand the content.
You need to get their interest and let them know what the section is all about.

Save your page when you have entered all the required information.  The new section will look like this when viewers first look at the page:

When the viewer clicks on the arrow, the section will expand and the viewer can see the text:

If the viewer clicks the arrow again the section will collapse once more. 


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