Add New Sections

The steps below will show you where to find the options to set up sections and how to add new ones as needed.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to work on and click the Edit button to open the page editor.                                          
  2. Below the main body of the EDIT page you will see an area labeled Sections: 
  3. Click on the arrow to expand the list of available sections

  4. Currently, the list contains these options: (the types of sections available may change over time)

  5. Click on select the type you wish to add to select it.
  6. click on the Add new Section button after you have made your selection for the section type.
  7. Click to SAVE the page

NOTE: After you have added one section, the button text will change to Add another Section

Once the section has been added, go to the Menu and look for the instructions page that relates to the type of section you chose.  There will be a different pages of instructions for each type of section available.


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