Collapse the Section

Once you choose to save the webpage, the sections will automatically collapse.

Sometimes when you are finished working on a certain section, you might still need to make other edits to the page before you save the whole page; you can manually collapse the editing fields by clicking the Collapse button to make more room on the screen.

The Collapse button is found in the last area of the section editing screen


If you click the collapse button the editing area will close down the section editing screen and all you will see the section type basic info.

This first example shows the Image Gallery setup fields and it is NOT collapsed:

The next example shows the same Image Gallery Section collapsed.  You can see that it takes up a lot less screen space when collapsed, but can be expanded again by clicking the Edit button.

NOTE: when you collapse a section it is NOT automatically SAVED.

You still need to save the changes you made to the webpage as per the Warning shown in the above example.


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