Description: Standard Section Types

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There are various types of Standard Sections to choose from. 

For A, B and C options explained below:

  • All will show using the full width of the web page.
  • The text box can be set up to either “pull” from the right or left side of the frame so you can arrange it to best fit the content of the photo.
  • CTA buttons are optional, if you do not fill out the fields - the button does not appear.
  • The default display options are shown in the examples below.  During setup, there are a couple of display changes you can make, and these are fully explained in the How To... instructions.
  1. Pin Photo and Reveal Text :
    The first type of Standard Section has an image that will load first, then the text and CTA button will appear after a second or two.

  2. Parallax:

    This section type will look very similar to the Pin Photo and Reveal Text type, except the background image will be slightly cropped, and the text and CTA button load with the image instead of being delayed.  I used the same picture so you can see there is very little difference other than the way the text appears. The background image moves at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling.


  3. Text Only:

    You can also have a Standard Section without a background image. 

    This is similar to the Text Only section type, but this option can use the site background colour instead of the default white box and can still “pull” the text from the left or right side if needed. A CTA button can be added if wanted.


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