Description: Collapsible Group Section Type

Tags Drupal web CMS

There are two different collapsible options, Accordion or Tab.

  1. Accordion - The first type is an accordion style and the headings are all you will see for each item


    When an arrow is clicked on one of the headings, the section will expand so you can see what is hidden:

    If you click on the arrow again, or click on an arrow for a different heading; it will collapse the current item and expand the new one you clicked on.
    You will only be able to have one item expanded at one time.
    This example only shows 4 groups, but you can add more Accordion sections if needed, just be mindful of space.

  2. Tab - Another style of collapsible group is to arrange your items in a series of tabs.  The page viewer can simply click on any tab to see the hidden information. 


    Unlike the Accordion type, with the Tabs you will always see the information for ONE tab, but only one tab can be viewed at a time

    Simply click another tab to see the information for that heading.

    Multiple tabs can be added as needed, but the tabs get smaller as you add more and it can start to look crowded so be mindful of your space.


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