2SV: How do I change or add verification options?

Note: Lost your Cell Phone or Hardware Token and can no longer authenticate with 2SV? Call the Service Desk and ask a tech to reset your 2SV information!

You can change your verification methods and default method at any time by opening the My Security Info page linked below and following the instructions below:

From your computer, go to My Security Info and log on.

To change the Default method:

  • Click Change next to Default sign-in method in the right pane.
  • Select your preferred verification method.
  • Click Confirm to commit the change.

To add additional verification methods on this page, click Add Sign-in Method

  • choose the method you want to add
  • follow the prompts to set up the new verification method

To delete any verification methods that are no longer valid, click the Delete option next to that method.

  • you will get a prompt to confirm your action, then the method will disappear from your list.