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Welcome to the VIU Classroom Technology Guide, your one stop reference for all things related to Classroom Technology. This page includes step by step manuals for each classroom, quick set up information, troubleshooting tips, best practices, training session availability and more!

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In Person Training and Help

IT is currently offering training for the classroom technology you use to deliver your classes. All sessions will be hands-on, so please feel free to bring any equipment (laptops etc.) you'd like to test with. To book a one-on-one session, please contact and include the building and room numbers where you'll be teaching.

Quick Set Up (General)

How do I login to an instructor station?

Log in to the instructor station using your VIU username and password.

Note: If you are a guest on campus, please contact your VIU facilitator for the correct log on credentials.

How do I connect my own laptop to the projector?

Step 1: Identify what adapter the projector uses

Projectors may use a variety of different display cables including DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI:

Common display cords

Step 2: Identify what ports your laptop has

Your laptop may have different ports and may require an adapter:

Common Display Interfaces

Step 3: Obtain an adapter (if you need one)

If your laptop does not have the correct port, you will likely need an adapter. Contact your area administrator for help ordering an adapter. If you need a recommendation on what adapter to purchase, please contact us at

Step 4: Connect your laptop

Connect the projector's display cable to your laptop, using the appropriate adapter if necessary

Detailed Set Up (classroom specific)

This section contains a list of rooms equipped with classroom technology. Each room links to a step by step manual for using the instructor stations. Click the campus location, then building number to view lists of the rooms, summaries of the equipment available, and technology guides that can be downloaded in an Adobe PDF format.  

B480 (used to be B380)
tiwšɛmawtx Campus

Quick Troubleshooting

How do I adjust the volume?

Click on the volume icon on the lower-right of your screen by the clock. Adjust the volume slider.

Volume Slider

Why can't I hear any audio? 

You may need to change your audio output device:

  1. Click on the volume icon on the lower-right of the screen by the clock. Click on the current audio device.

    Change audio output device

  2. Select the correct audio output device from the list

    Select audio output device

  3. Set the volume to an appropriate level and test the audio

    Volume Slider

How do I troubleshoot projector issues? 
  1. Make sure the projector is turned on and the projector's display cable is connected to your laptop.

  2. You may need to change your laptop's display preferences. Hold down the Windows key ⊞ on your keyboard and press P, then select Duplicate or Extend

    • Duplicate: Duplicates your laptop's screen to the projector

    • Extend: Uses your projector as a second monitor

  3. If you still need assistance, call 250-740-6300 (Local 6300) for AV assistance.

Computer Lab FAQ

Where are computer labs located?

Nanaimo Campus

All labs, except for those marked with an asterisk (*), can be booked.

  • Bldg 205 - 1st Floor Open Area*
  • Bldg 250 - Room 115 (includes SPSS & Sage 50) - 36 workstations + 1 Instructor station
  • Bldg 250 - 2nd Floor Open Area* (includes Sage 50 - 12 workstations
  • Bldg 255 Room 105 - 22 workstations + 1 Instructor station
  • Bldg 255 Room 120 - 22 workstations + 1 Instructor station
  • Bldg 255 - 1st Floor Open Area* - 32 workstations
  • Bldg 305 (Library), Library Commons* (includes SPSS, NVivo and ArcGIS)
  • Bldg 305 Room 508* (available during library open hours when not being used for library instruction)
  • Bldg 315 Room 113 (includes GIS software) - 24 workstations + 1 Instructor station
  • Bldg 356 Room 340 (includes SPSS) - 20 workstations + 1 Instructor station
  • Bldg 356 - 2nd Floor Atrium* (includes SPSS) - 19 workstations

Cowichan Campus

  • The Cowichan Info commons area is available for general computer use.


Where are specialty labs located?

The following specialty classrooms are restricted to students in specific programs:

  • Bldg 356 Room 221 Education multimedia computer lab
  • Bldg 355 Room 110 Modern Languages - Language lab
  • Bldg 255 Room 282 ESL and Language students - Language lab
What software is installed on lab computers?
For a complete list of software and how to access it, see the link below.
How do I request new software for a lab?

Faculty wanting software installed in a lab need to:

  • Either purchase the software with enough licenses (one for each computer in the lab), or
  • Have a letter from the software (or textbook, if it came with a text) publisher giving us permission to install the software in the lab, or
  • If the software is freeware, provide freeware licensing information to the IT Help desk.

Email the IT Service Desk and request that ticket be created to have the software installed. Please include the building and room number the software is to be installed in, the purchase order number (or other licensing information from the publisher), when you require the software to be installed by (one month before class starts), and when the software is to be taken off the computers.

If possible, installations should be limited to between term time frames in order to minimize disruptions.
The instructor MUST test the installation before the class starts in order to avoid problems. Please test it using exercises you will be asking your students to do (ie: print from the program, save files, etc.).

How do I book a computer lab?
See the "Room Bookings: Timetabled Courses and General Bookings" section of the link below (login required): 

Lecture Theatre FAQ

Where are lecture theatres located?

There are four lecture theatres. These are wired for audio visual needs and to the network. Each theatre has a video player, microphone, speakers, computer* and data projector.

  • 180/134 – 70 seats (accessible seating in front row)
  • 200/203 - 101 seats (2 accessible seats)
  • 250/125 - 102 seats
  • 355/203 - 105 seats (accessible seating in back row)
  • 356/109 - 116 seats (accessible seating in front rows)
How do I book a lecture theatre?

See the "Room Bookings: Timetabled Courses and General Bookings" section of the link below (login required): 

Video Conference Room FAQ

Where are video conferencing rooms located?


305-509 - This room is used primarily for classes.
305-274 - This room is used primarily for meetings.
355-203 - This room is used for lectures.


700-135 - This is used primarily for meetings.
700-210 - This room is primarily used for classes.

tiwšɛmawtx Campus

610-152 - This is used for classes and meetings. 
Portable unit - This can be used in any room on campus for classes and meetings.

How do I book a video conferencing room?
See the "Room Bookings: Timetabled Courses and General Bookings" section of the link below (login required): 


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