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Welcome to the VIU Classroom Technology Guide, your one stop reference for all things related to Classroom Technology. This page includes step by step manuals for each classroom, quick set up information, troubleshooting tips, best practices, training session availability and more!

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In Person Training and Help

IT is currently offering training for the classroom technology you use to deliver your classes. All sessions will be hands-on, so please feel free to bring any equipment (laptops etc.) you'd like to test with.

Quick Set Up (General)

How do I login to an instructor station?
How do I connect my own laptop to the projector?

Detailed Set Up (classroom specific)

This section contains a list of rooms equipped with classroom technology. Each room links to a step by step manual for using the instructor stations. Click the campus location, then building number to view lists of the rooms, summaries of the equipment available, and technology guides that can be downloaded in an Adobe PDF format.  

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Quick Troubleshooting

How do I adjust the volume?
Why can't I hear any audio? 
How do I troubleshoot projector issues? 

Computer Lab FAQ

Where are computer labs located?
Where are specialty labs located?
What software is installed on lab computers?
How do I request new software for a lab?
How do I book a computer lab?

Lecture Theatre FAQ

Where are lecture theatres located?
How do I book a lecture theatre?

Video Conference Room FAQ

Where are video conferencing rooms located?
How do I book a video conferencing room?


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