What is Managed Print?

Universities consume a lot of paper, toner and electricity. As part of Vancouver Island University's commitment to sustainable development we evaluated our printing environment and determined that a tremendous impact toward meeting the university’s strategic initiatives around sustainability could be made. 

VIU's Managed Print Services (MPS) Program is a result of this evaluation and is designed to support our environmental initiatives, reduce waste and optimize our print output environment. The project started by understanding the landscape of the current output environment at the university.

Following an extended evaluation and a device inventory that yielded a large number of end-of life copiers and printers, we developed a plan to retire all existing printers and copiers, standardizing them with products carefully chosen and optimally located to match departmental demands with device capabilities.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Energy, toner and paper conservation by encouraging deliberate and appropriate use of copiers and printers
  • A positive impact on the environment by reducing paper and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste
  • Access to newer and more efficient technology and optimization of the VIU MFD/printer/copier fleet 
  • Reduction of print output costs
  • A streamlined method of charging for copies and for network print jobs
  • Establishment of a MFD management process with Ricoh


Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Through the Managed Print Services (MPS) project we are currently in the process of introducing a new fleet of Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) at VIU. Information Technology Services has partnered with Ricoh to provide Managed Print Services for all campuses. These new machines offer a number of advantages over the old fleet in terms of performance, reliability and flexibility, including enhanced printing, copying and scanning capabilities. A number of new security and billing options will also be available for departments to consider.

In the past, we have had to utilize multiple vendors in order to fulfill VIU's network and desktop printing needs, making the management of these devices and services challenging and not always the most cost effective choice for the University. Pursuant to a Vancouver Island University contract awarded via BCNET, Ricoh will be managing the service, consumable supplies and devices for the entire University. Initially, older model multi-function devices will be replaced with a similar capacity Ricoh. There will be an ongoing process to optimize our utilization of the devices, so under- and over-utilized machines may be swapped in future.

As the older devices are removed from service, VIU has an obligation to ensure that the internal hard drives, which keep an image of recent copy/print jobs, are properly scrubbed. When your MFDs are installed, we will need you to provide nearby short-term storage for the older device so that secure pick-up can be arranged.

The MPS program offers a significant overall cost and energy savings to the University. These savings, along with the opportunity to introduce new technology while significantly reducing our carbon footprint, prompted Vancouver Island University in moving forward with Ricoh as the MPS vendor. With the MPS program, VIU will be able to utilize Ricoh’s technology and expertise to reduce hard costs, provide a stable and consistent support system, and reduce the use of non- renewable resources. These initiatives are consistent with the university's goal to reduce our environmental footprint.


What does the Managed Print Services program include?

Managed Print Services include:

  • Equipment including multi-functional devices (MFPs/MFDs) and printers
  • Print quota management system called PaperCut
  • Toner
  • Preventive maintenance and parts
  • Guaranteed service level response times
  • Detailed account usage and simplified billing process
  • Single contract for increased efficiency in managing contract terms and conditions


How does the MPS Program benefit Vancouver Island University?

The MPS program benefits users in multiple ways:

  • Proactive Service and Support: Ricoh has several service technicians located in Nanaimo and elsewhere on Vancouver Island equipped to handle any MFD related issue that may arise. The Ricoh monitoring technology also allows IT to view issues with networked devices, such as low toner or service codes (based on manufacturers’ parameters).
  • Reduce Overall Output Costs: Printing is one of the most overlooked and unmanaged expense within organizations. It is also one of the most costly. The MPS program will help the University continue driving down costs for printing by using Ricoh technology.
  • Increase Productivity: Many users either have devices that are underutilized and cost too much or are over-utilized and need constant service. The MPS program works to “right-size” the devices to ensure you have the proper equipment, with the proper features, to do the job in the most cost-effective and efficient way.
  • Security: Users are concerned about confidentiality when they print. The Ricoh devices have the ability to print securely. With the locked print feature enabled, your job can be retained in the print queue until you swipe your Employee Card or, at the device keyboard, enter your username and password.
  • Sustainability: The MPS Program will assist in advancing Vancouver Island University’s environmental and sustainability initiatives through the elimination of equipment that consumes high levels of energy and installing energy efficient print devices. Equipment default settings may be set to reduce energy consumption and minimize paper usage.


How will VIU's transition to Managed Print Services (MPS) affect me?

For you, the end users, this program will provide new or enhanced capabilities and improved reliability.


  • Secure print option
  • Scan-to- email
  • 2-sided printing
  • Faxing integrated with printing, copying and scanning on one device.

Capabilities include:

  • Color printing will be available to meet business requirements
  • Provide newer, more efficient and reliable technology
  • Device supplies (toner) will be proactively ordered and sent the device contact.
  • If a device is temporarily not available, you can easily print to another device with the same capabilities without resending the document from your computer.


What criteria are used to determine the department's equipment needs?

When placing hardware, IT considers multiple factors to ensure the satisfaction of all users. Although monthly volume is a major consideration, they will also evaluate other needs such as: speed, quality, finishing capabilities, ease-of-use, and paper handling capacity. IT will also review the department's need to print from special applications to ensure that the appropriate device is specified. The results of an on-site assessment were used to determine the types, models, and quantities of equipment from. The program includes several standard models of multifunctional devices and printers, selected to meet the varied needs of the campus.

I have security and compliance requirements. How are these addressed by the MPS program?

All security and compliance requirements were noted during the assessment and factored into the final recommendation. With the locked print feature enabled, your job can be retained in the print queue until you swipe your Employee Card or, at the device keyboard, enter your username and password.


Will equipment be removed from the department?

In a continuing assessment of VIU’s current printing environment, several areas of improvement were identified. Findings in the initial review revealed VIU’s current fleet includes: too much equipment, the wrong type of equipment, and redundant layers of equipment. With this in mind, cost savings and workflow productivity enhancements can be achieved by skillfully balancing the ratio of equipment to users and matching equipment needs more effectively to the user base throughout the campus.

Once the new fleet is in service, our goal is to maximize its use by reducing or eliminating the use of smaller more inefficient desktop devices. The cost per page of this contract is less than the consumables for most if not all of our printers. While the printers themselves can be economical, the cost of toner and repairs far exceeds the cost of a networked multi-function device. Additionally, cost associated with multiple desktop printers will add up quickly. The most cost effective approach is typically sharing one machine across multiple users.

Requests to retain desktop devices identified for removal must follow procedures established by VIU and waivers will only be issued under compelling circumstances. Some examples of exceptions include cases in which the device is part of an accommodation plan for an employee with a disability.


What happens if a department's output requirements change?

If a department notices a substantial change in output needs such as volume, number of users, application changes, etc., please contact IT at ithelp@viu.ca. We will re-evaluate the needs of the department and, if appropriate, make equipment adjustments.


What if we no longer need a print device?

Please contact IT at ithelp@viu.ca.


What if my department doesn't agree or understand the assessment proposal and wants to retain or add additional equipment?

Based on the thorough assessment, you will be presented with the options that best fit your specific, departmental requirements. If your department has alternative suggestions or comments to compliment the assessment findings and proposed solution, your representative may send an email to ithelp@viu.ca to discuss options and request clarification.


Will departments have to buy the new equipment?

Although your existing equipment may be replaced with leased equipment from Ricoh, departments will not have to buy the new equipment. Service, maintenance and toner (excluding staples) are included in the managed print services program. You only pay for the cost per impression for actual usage.


How is printing and copying paid for?

The invoice from Ricoh will be paid centrally by the University. All billing questions can be directed to IT at ithelp@viu.ca.


Can I still make printer, copier and toner purchases using a procurement credit card?

No. All printer, copier and toner purchases must go through the Managed Print Services program. Neither printers nor consumables may be purchased on a procurement card.


Are the student lab printers included in the MPS program?




How will printing change?

In addition to the appropriate print drivers, printing from University Computer Systems to centrally managed print devices requires installation of Micro Focus OES iPrint, the Papercut client software.

With the Managed Print Service, you send your print job to a central 'print queue'. You can then select any device on campus to collect your prints from - the software will only send your prints to the specific device you choose, when you place your Employee Card on the reader.


What is Papercut?

The Papercut system provides accounting of printing and copying on all the general access Ricoh printer/copiers around the Department so that the cost of using these can be properly attributed to a cost centre.

Users logon at a copier, normally using their Employee Card, and they can then copy or scan documents or release (or delete) print jobs. Users submit print jobs to a single network print queue, where the jobs are held until the user releases them to be printed. A print job can be released on any Papercut controlled printer/copier, but only by the user who submitted it.

As well as this Papercut interface on the copiers, there is also a Web interface which contains more details. Employees can access the Papercut User web interface to view information about their account including: total print jobs and pages, environmental impact of their print habits, recent print jobs, cost centre summaries and more. Managers and supervisors can also request access to summaries to track departmental printing costs.


How do I check to see if Papercut is installed?

Windows users will see a green "P" icon in the notification tray.

Mac users will see a grey "P" icon in the Apple Menu bar.

If the PaperCut client is not installed, download and install the PaperCut Client.


How do I choose which printer a Papercut job prints to?

Normally no selection is made until you release the job by going to a printer and logging in.


How do I print when I only have a work order?

Effective May 1, 2024, work orders are no longer required for printing. When you select print on any document your print job will be sent to the queue, go to the copier and release job by tapping your VIU ID Card or signing in. Follow the prompts on the screen and release your print job.


I have multiple work orders that I previously charged to. How does printing work for this?

Effective May 1, 2024, work orders are no longer required for printing. Your job will be sent to the queue, go to any copier and release the job by tapping your VIU ID Card or signing in. Follow the prompts on the screen and release your print job.


Will training be provided if I receive new equipment?

Ricoh will provide training for all devices placed under the Managed Print Services program. 

Please see the list of upcoming training sessions.

See the Quick reference guides, tips and tricks and additional information.


Who should I contact for equipment service?

If you need service for your tagged printer / multifunction device:

  • Contact your area administrator
  • Area administrator
    • Log into myricoh.ca
    • Click on Service Call Management
      • Service Call Placement

You will need the following information:

  • Device serial number
  • Brief description of the problem you are experiencing with the device

Note: If the location and contact that shows in the Service Management is not correct, email ithelp@viu.ca for it to be corrected.



Can I see everyone's print jobs? Can anyone else see my print jobs?

No, only you can see your print jobs. "Follow-me" printing provides a significantly improved level of security for confidential printing. This is because a job sent to the printer will never be printed out unless the person who sent the job is physically next to the printer in order to release and print the job. You can choose to print from any device on campus, but your documents will only appear when you have used your Employee Card to release them.


What if I forget my Employee Card, how will I get my print or do any copying?

It is also possible to login to an MPS device by typing in your VIU username and password on the device's touchscreen.


How does "Find me" printing work?

With the Managed Print Service, you send your print job to a central 'print queue'. You can then select any device on campus to collect your prints from - the software will only send your prints to the specific device you choose, when you place your Employee Card on the reader.


How do I photocopy?

Please follow these steps:

Tap your employee card or fob on the card reader to authenticate yourself. If this is your first time authenticating, you will need to login with your VIU ID and password to link your key fob/card to your account.

  1. Click the 'Device function' button on the touch screen
  2. Click the 'Copy' button on the touch screen
  3. Follow the instructions on the touch screen to photocopy; customize as you see fit
  4. Click the 'Logout' button on the touch screen's top-right corner when the job is done


How does scanning work?

Documents can be scanned and emailed to your University email address. After logging in an MPS device, press the Scan button to get the scanning options.


I scanned a lot of pages on the MFD and sent to my VIU email address, but I did not get the scanned file nor got any error message; what happened?

The issue is: the scanned file is too big. The VIU Mail server rejected the huge attachment.

The workaround: please always scan to smaller files. e.g. scan 20 pages or less to a file, send the email and then next 20 pages and so on.

You may want to use "Compact PDF" document type for your scanning. This will generate PDF files in 1/4 of regular size. And you may also select 200dpi to further reduce the file size. Please try out a few pages to see if the resulting file is satisfactory.


How long are documents held in the MPS queue?

Documents are held in the MPS queue for 24 hours. After that time, they are automatically deleted.


My print jobs aren't printing. What's going on?

When you print to a Papercut-managed queue, the document will not automatically come out of the printer. You must release the job at the printer you want to use. Simply tap your employee card or fob on the card reader to authenticate yourself. If this is your first time authenticating, you will need to login with your VIU ID and password to link your key fob/card to your account.


What are some tips for conservation in an office?

See tips on how to make smart choices when it come to printing.


Can I move my MFD to another location in my office?

No, do not attempt to move the MFD. The bracket that attaches the finisher to the copier can be damaged if the copier is not moved correctly. Please contact Facilities first to ensure that there is an available network port in the new location. Once a network jack is in place contact IT to coordinate the move with you and Ricoh.


Should the MFD be turned off at the end of each day?

No, the Ricoh copiers have an energy saver feature in which the units will power down when not in use. Once you touch a key or place your documents in the feeder, the unit will wake itself up.

What do I do if I get a paper jam?

  • Follow the alerts on the copier screen. It will guide you to the sections that have jams.
  • Remove all paper (including small pieces) at each site.
  • Open and close doors and working parts gently. Many of the knobs and handles for clearing paper jams have arrows on them indicating which direction to turn them.



How do I order toner?

A replacement toner cartridge will be shipped automatically by Ricoh to the department when the empty toner cartridge is removed.

For this reason, be sure to have a backup cartridge handy.

To inquire about your automatic toner shipment or if you do not have a backup toner cartridge:

  • Send an email to supplies@ricoh.ca
  • Provide the Ricoh ID number and device model
  • Provide your location and contact information


In the event of large print jobs, contact printing@viu.ca to place an job order.


How do I order staples?

Staples may be ordered directly from Print Services. Please visit the below link to submit an order for your department copier. Please note that staples are not included in your cost be copy and will be billed separately to your department.

Order staples


How do I order paper?

Please continue to order your paper through Eway.


What should I do with used ink/toner cartridges?

Empty toner cartridges may be returned to the vendor for recycling.

Please see Product stewardship and recycling.


Can I still make toner purchases from www.eway.ca or from another vendor using a procurement credit card?

No. All toner purchases must go through the Managed Print Services program.



If the answer to your question is not available here, please contact IT at ithelp@viu.ca


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