How do I use Zoom?

What is VIUOnline Rooms (Zoom)?

VIUOnline Rooms (Zoom) provides web-based video and audio conferencing system which allows real-time communication between instructors and students. VIU employees can create an online meeting room from within the Zoom app, or online at and schedule meetings between the whole class or individual groups.

Your account can be used to deliver lectures, engage in class discussions, run virtual office hours, and share resources, digital media, or any application that runs on the desktop.

How do I create licensed Zoom account? (Employees only)

Every VIU employee can sign up for a Zoom account under VIU's Institutional License. Your account will be automatically created the first time you log in. New accounts are automatically set up as Licensed accounts. If you created an account prior to March 17, 2020 and require a licensed account, please send an upgrade request to

How do I log in?

These instructions are only intended for employees. Students are not provided with a VIU Zoom account and can join meetings as a guest.

  1. Open Zoom

  2. Select Sign In with SSO
    Sign In with SSO

  3. Enter "viu" into the company domain field, then click Continue
    Company Domain

  4. A web browser will open to the VIU login page. Sign in using your VIU username and password.

  5. You may be prompted to launch the Zoom application. Go ahead and open it. Zoom will now sign you in.

Where can I find help?

Can't find what you're looking for?

The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in learning provides technical and pedagogical support for employees using Zoom (email to open a support request). However, Zoom also has a robust support website and 24/7 chat and email support for all account holders. You can access Zoom's support resources here: Zoom Help Center


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