What is the warranty on VIU mobile phones?

All phones come with a standard 1-year warranty that covers nonremovable items (ie: will not cover battery if it is removable, but will cover battery if it is NOT removable). The warranty is VOID as soon as there is any physical (dropped) or liquid damage. Submit an order for additional warranty at the time of placing your new or phone upgrade purchase request. After the date of purchase, typically there is a 30 day window maximum to place an upgrade for additional warranty. Don't take the risk, otherwise the phone plan and hardware will not be eligible for additional warranty.

Rogers device warranty

Rogers warranty: $9.99/month gives device protection (covers everything including physical/liquid damage). Available on a monthly basis. Recommended for first 6 months and up to 14 months. After 14 months the early upgrade fee for replacing a phone would be less than maintaining device protection.

Applecare+ (for iPhones only)

Applecare+ is considered a supplementary service (not provided by VIU or Rogers). You will need to contact Apple on your own behalf. Typically employees provide a VIU p-card for the warranty purchase. Applecare+ warranty covers EVERYTHING (including physical or liquid damage) except loss/theft.

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