How do I troubleshoot a mobile phone?

All phones come with a standard 1-year warranty that covers non-removable items (ie: will not cover battery if it is removable, but will cover battery if it is NOT removable). The warranty is VOID as soon as there is any physical (dropped) or liquid damage.

If your phone is not working properly:

  1. Call Rogers technical support for initial troubleshooting: 1-877-274-3375 (option 1)
  2. If you and Rogers are unable to resolve your issue Rogers might tell you to request a phone replacement and may ship you a replacement phone.
  3. Email indicating the issue you are experiencing.
    • In your e-mail you must include required information: your name, phone number, precise details about the issue, and any case numbers/reference numbers provided by Rogers.
  4. When your replacement phone arrives it will be delivered to your department. Please return your old phone to your department's area administrator to return to Rogers. If your old phone is not returned to Rogers they will charge your department the cost of the new phone.
  5. When visiting IT to pickup your new phone you must backup all of your data (contacts and pictures), remove any passwords from your phone, and remove your phone from iTunes, iCloud, and Find My iPhone (service). The phone will be factory reset and wiped of all stored data once received.


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