Log into a Drupal Site

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If the administration toolbar is visible at the top of the page, you are already logged into the site and do not need to follow this step.  Unless you chose to Log Out from the site, you will stay logged in, even if you close the browser and return to the page at a later time.

To access the log in page for your site enter the site URL followed by /user into the browser address bar.  Here are some examples of site log in URLs (if you are unsure of where to log in please follow the website editor access request procedure):

From the /user page click 'Log in with VIU Credentials' and enter your usual VIU credentials in the dialog that appears:

Log in screen

If this is the first time you have logged into the site, you will need to get editing permissions finalized on your account before you can edit.  This is accomplished by following the website editor access request procedure.


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