How do I cancel or put a mobile plan on hold?

You and your department are responsible for cancelling your mobile phone plan when it is no longer needed.

To cancel your mobile phone plan:

To place a phone plan on hold:

Mobile plans can be placed on hold. The mobile phone plan will cost $15 month (versus the regular mobile phone plan cost) and the mobile phone will no longer be active. This allows your department to keep a phone plan that is not currently in use but they do not want to cancel because they plan to use it again in the near future.

To place a phone plan on hold:

  • Have your budget holder email indicating they would like to place the mobile plan on hold.
  • You must include your name, phone number, the cost centre, and the date you want the phone plan placed on hold, and the expected date the plan will be removed from hold.
  • IT will submit the request to place the plan on hold and inform you when it has been completed.

IT Services is responsible for secure wiping and disposal of all VIU mobile phones. Mobile phones MUST be returned to IT Services when mobile plans are cancelled, or if phones are upgraded.


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