How do I upgrade existing mobile phone hardware?

If you need to upgrade or replace a phone before 2 years since your last purchase or upgrade there will likely be an early device upgrade fee. When upgrading a mobile phone, the mobile plan contract renews automatically for 3 years and the device balance is updated to the price of the new phone hardware. In other words, upgrading to a new phone is similar to ordering a new phone in that refreshes your contract with the vendor (Rogers).

To upgrade your phone:

  • Email to find out if your current phone plan qualifies for a phone upgrade or what the early upgrade fee will be.
  • Review the VIU Mobile Phones and select one.
  • Have your department requisitioner create a purchase requisition for the phone.
  • Your new phone will be delivered to your department.
  • You must return your old phone to your department. Follow this link to learn more about what to do before returning your phone.

As a mobile phone user, you are responsible for backing up your phones and transferring your data when you upgrade phones. The phone manufacturer websites have step by step instructions for backing up and transferring your phone data. This is not a service IT offers or assists with.


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