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If you create a new section on your website, there must be an overview (landing) page in order for site structure and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to function properly.

You can use Microsoft Word to create a draft of your web content but you must use the "Paste from Word" option from the Drupal editing toolbar when pasting your content to the website.  This will strip out all the inherent formatting from Microsoft Word that could cause problems with your site.  You will need to reapply styles, headings and bullets using the Drupal toolbar options.

  • Keep written text concise.
    • Get to the point as quickly as possible.
    • Cut out unnecessary information.
    • Use easy-to-understand, shorter, common words and phrases.
    • Avoid long paragraphs and sentences.
    • Use time-saving and attention-grabbing writing techniques, such using numbers instead of spelling them out. e.g. "1,000" as opposed to "one thousand."
    • Refer to the Web Content Style Guide.
  • Use Headings to group similar content withing the main body.

  • Use short, succinct names for menu items.

  • Use bulleted lists, accordions, and other text formatting techniques.

  • Use color wisely, less is more.

  • Limit your use of photos and graphics. (Refer to the Images and Video section for more details, size restrictions and best practices)
    • Always put descriptive alt text on images, no exceptions.
    • Be mindful of image copyrights.
    • Reduce the size of images before uploading.
  • Hyperlink best practice
  • Know your audience.  Don’t assume that common abbreviations are known.
    • Some building abbreviations may also not be known. When possible, spell out the name.
  • Save your work frequently. Should you navigate away from a content page that you are editing you may lose all the changes that you have made.


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