How do I submit a telecom inquiry or support request?

Submit a ticket to with the following information:

The information provided in full should include:

  • Employee Name
  • Local Number
  • Location (building & room)
  • Cost centre (required for all Telecom requests)
  • Detailed description of the problem

The following are occasions when you may need to contact your department’s telephone service requests (TSR) User (typically area administrators):

  • Ordering a new phone set or phone line activation
  • Repairs to telephone equipment or lines
  • Requests for used phone sets or parts
  • Problems with the phone lines. For example:
    • Dead lines
    • Static
    • Caller can't dial out
  • Phone tree and call flow setup (department greeting and switchboard recordings)
  • Voicemail password resets
  • New voicemail box
  • New local numbers
  • New employee or employee leaving
  • Telephone moves
  • Changes to Call Display (max 22 characters)
  • Long Distance Codes
  • Updates to cost centres for billing


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