Elevated Local User Privileges (ELUP) Agreement

Elevated local user privileges (ELUP), also called admin access, are not normally granted to users of VIU computers. These rights are typically not required for one’s day to day use of the technology. Elevated privileges contribute to a significant number of security risks to both the institution and the individual, so granting these rights on VIU computers requires careful management on your part.

Please read the following “Use of Elevated Local User Privileges” (ELUP) Agreement. By proceeding, you agree to these terms.

When granted Elevated Local User Privileges on a VIU computer you must:

  • Never share your account or allow others to access your account.
  • Not uninstall, replace, or reconfigure any VIU IT loaded applications or system policies on the computer.
  • Ensure any software loaded onto the computer has appropriate license terms so it can be legally used.
  • Complete IT Security Awareness Training (if you have not already) prior to being given local administrative privileges.
  • Be vigilant when using your computer and immediately report any strange behaviour to IT as quickly as possible. Please mention you have administrative access to your computer when reporting.
  • Understand that if a computer becomes unstable or unusable IT may re-image the computer back to a default standard state. This may cause you and any other user that has logged into this computer to lose all data saved locally and any customizations.
  • Agree to not access other user profiles and local files that may be present on the computer.


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