New Computer Guide

Are you a VIU employee who is receiving a new laptop or desktop? This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take both before and after you receive your new computer.

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More information can also be found in our Employee Technology Guide

Before you receive your new computer:

Step 1: Move your files to your VIU OneDrive or U-Drive
Step 2: Sync your browser bookmarks
Step 3: Write down any share drives you are mapped to
Step 4: Write down any calendars and shared mailboxes you have added in Outlook
Step 5: Put in a request for any non-standard software you need

After you receive your new computer:

Step 1: Log in to your new laptop
Step 2: Adjust monitor layout
Step 3: Set up your email
Step 4: Set up the VPN
Step 5: Map to share drives
Step 6: Connect to VIU OneDrive
Step 7: Install the FindMe print queue
Step 8: Restore your browser bookmarks
Step 9: Check your software
Step 10: Change default apps
Step 11: Log into Zoom
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