How do I clear my web browser's cache and data?

There are many reasons why you may need to clear your computer's browsing data, such as cache and cookies:

  • Internal VIU Systems like the Student Record System (SRS) are not loading properly
  • Websites outside VIU are not loading properly
  • VIULearn is producing the "Bad Request - Request Too Long and HTTP Error 400" error message.
  • VIU's Unit4 (Payroll Portal) is directing you to a non-VIU branded log in page where VIU credentials are not accepted
  • Your browsing speed is extremely sluggish

This page will outline how to clear browsing data on the most common web browsers. If clearing your browsing data does not resolve the issue, please email to create a help ticket with our IT department.

Important Notes:

  • Clearing your browsing data will result in losing your browsing history. 
  • Websites may also take a bit longer to load the first time you visit them. 
  • Bookmarks will NOT be cleared unless otherwise noted.
  • Saved Passwords will NOT be cleared unless otherwise noted.
How to clear browsing data on Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)
How to clear browsing data on Firefox (Windows and Mac)
How to clear browsing data on Microsoft Edge (Windows)
How to clear browsing data on Safari (Mac)
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