How can I deal with phishing and spam email?

What is Phishing and Spam?

Phishing is targeted email. It can often contain malicious links or malware. The link may contain a convincing looking fake login page. Once the victim attempts to login, the attacker now has their login and password.

Spam is unwanted advertisements. It generally contains information and links for products and services.

Spam/Phishing FAQ

Why do I receive spam?
How do I reduce the amount of spam I receive?
What do I do if I think an email might be phishing?

Barracuda FAQ

What is Barracuda?
What is a quarantine inbox?
How do I check my spam settings or my quarantine?
How will I know if there are items in my quarantine?
What's the difference between spam and quarantine?
Help! I can't log in to!
How do I manage my quarantined email once I've logged in?
How do I manage quarantined email on a shared mailbox?
How do I stop getting emailed a daily summary?
Will block lists/allow lists be imported from the old system?
Why am I still getting spam?


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