How do I order a new mobile phone and plan?

All new mobile phone plans are 3-year contracts and depending on the device purchased, there will be 2 year mobile device fee added as balance or “tab” to the contract. If you decide to upgrade your phone before 2 years there will be a early device upgrade fee of the remaining balance of your tab.

When ordering a phone for an employee a budget holder should be aware of the contract time frame as well as the mobile device fee tab/balance and any early cancellation fees associated.

All phones come with a standard 1-year warranty that covers non-removable items (ie: will not cover battery if it is removable, but will cover battery if it is NOT removable). The warranty is VOID as soon as there is any physical (dropped) or liquid damage. Please review Warranty information tab on this website below. Warranty should be purchased at the same time your order is placed for a new mobile phone/plan and typically can only be added within 30 days of the purchase date (don’t take the risk).

Steps to Order:

  1. Mobile Plans: VIU Mobile Plans (VIU password required)
  2. Mobile Phones: VIU Mobile Phones (VIU password required)
  3. Additional Warranty - Determine if you would like to purchase additional warranty. Follow this link for more information on mobile phone warranties.
  4. Mobile Cases & Accessories - Mobile cases & accessories are purchased through your department requisitioner.
  5. Submit a Purchase Requisition - Have your department requisitioner create a purchase requisition in FIS.Use the following details for your requisition:
    • Supplier: Cellworks Communication Inc.
    • Delivery Description: Building and Room location of the requisitioner
    • Product Code: A100075
    • Account: 6405-3
    • Work Order & Activity Code: Cellphone Users department work order
    • Product Text: Description of the plan and warranty and who it is for
  6. Your phone will be delivered to your department requisitioner.

What is the return policy on items ordered and received?

The standard return policy is less than 30 minutes of talking time used and less than 15 days since the date the order was processed (not from when the device is actually picked up by the client). All original packaging must also be present and in re-sellable condition.


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