2SV: How do I set up Microsoft Authenticator on a new phone?

Note: 2-Step Verification is currently in pre-production and is only available to early adopters.

If you've recently upgraded or replaced your phone, you will need register your new phone with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

  1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone from the Google Play or iOS App Store

  2. Open My security info

  3. Log in with your @viu.ca email address and password

  4. When prompted to authorize your login with the Microsoft Authenticator app, click on Sign in another way
    Sign in another way

  5. Choose one of your alternate verification methods (such as text message or phone call). If an alternative method is not available, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk at ithelp@viu.ca for assistance.

  6. Enter the code from the text message or phone call, then click Verify

  7. Locate the Microsoft Authenticator method and click Delete, then OK
    Delete Microsoft Authenticator

  8. Click on Add Method

  9. When prompted for which method you would like to add, select Authenticator app, then click Add
    Add a method

  10. Click Next, then next again. You should now see a QR code.
    QR Code

  11. Tap the plus buttonor Add account
    Add account

  12. Select Add work or school account, then Scan QR code
    Work or school account

  13. This will open the camera on your phone to scan the code on your computer screen. You might have to give the app permission to use your camera.

  14. Once you scan the code on your computer screen, your account will be added to the app. Click on Next.

  15. You will need to verify it worked. You will receive a notification on your phone to approve. Remember, only approve notifications you know you initiated (like this one).


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