Password Security

Your Password is the key to your personal information

Passwords, passphrases and PINs are like keys to a lock that you use to access and protect personal information. A strong password or passphrase is what protects you from cyber criminals.

VIU Password Standards

For more information about the password standards, visit:

How to Build a Strong Password and Keep it Secure

Longer is Stronger

  • Make it at least 12 characters

Use a Passphrase 

  • A mix of 3 or 4 random words that only you would think to combine then add some numbers or symbols
  • For example: Mug Monitor Desk becomes Mug1Monitor2Desk1%

Use a Password Trick

  • Take a memorable sentence, then capitalize certain characters and add numbers or symbols.
  • For example: I like New York in June, how about you? Translates to IlNYiJhay?646

Increase Complexity

  • Combine letters, case, numbers and symbols. 
  • Add them to your passphrase or password trick

Use a Trusted Password Manager

  • Keep your passwords somewhere safe

Common Mistakes

Passwords that are easily guessed

  • Top 5 most common (and the worst) passwords of 2022 - 123456, 123456789, qwerty, Password and 12345
  • Bad guys use dictionary attacks and rainbow tables (lists of already cracked passwords) to guess your password

Passwords that use personal information

  • Bad guys rely on readily available or easily guessed information

Passwords that are too short

  • Remember - Longer Is Stronger

Passwords that are re-used

  • Make each password unique. If the bad guys find out one password you don't want them getting into all your accounts

Passwords that are shared

  • Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER share your password with anyone
  • The Service Desk will never ask you for your password

How to Keep Your Password Secure

Don't fall for Phishing Scams

  • STOP, THINK, and then ACT.

Test the strength of your password

  • PasswordMonster will tell you how long your password would take to crack. Your password is never stored on the site.
  • Mug1Monitor2Desk1% would take 2 thousand years to crack
  • IlNYiJhay?646 would take 17 thousand years to crack

Use Multi-factor (MFA) or 2-factor (2FA) authentication where possible

  • This is a combination of something you have, something you know or something you are
  • For example your bank card (have) and your PIN (know)
  • VIU is working to roll out MFA but there are many places that already have it available

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