How do I request non-employee accounts?

Vendor Service Tech Accounts

What is a vendor service tech account?

  • Does your department/area hire Vendor contractors? These would be technicians or consultants from independent companies, who are paid to perform installation, maintenance or upgrades on VIU systems or computers. IF any work requires the vendor service tech to have a VIU computer account, those people will need a vendor service technician account.

How do I request a vendor service tech account?

Complete the Vendor Service Tech Account Request form and submit it to

Affiliate Accounts

What is an affiliate account?

An Affiliate of Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a person who is not a paid employee but who has a regular relationship to the institution and may require access to some VIU services. Once registered as an Affiliate in the HRIS, VIU, at its discretion, can extend this person rights to various services, such as a computer account and staff paid parking.

How long do affiliate accounts retain access?

Status as an Affiliate lasts a maximum of two years, after which it can be renewed. Affiliates assigned a computer account are bound by the provisions of Use of Information Technology Policy 45.01.

How do I request an affiliate account?

The affiliates "sponsor" (an employee who works at VIU and will be the contact for the affiliate) needs to do the following:

  1. Complete and sign the VIU Affiliate Status Application Form
  2. Send the completed and signed form to Human Resources for processing and account creation.

If you need an account for vendor service technicians to perform updates or maintenance to applications used by VIU, please use the Vendor Service Tech Request form. Do NOT submit affiliate forms for vendor service technicians.

Generic Accounts

What is a generic account?

A generic account is a login account that departments use when they want to provide access to unique or specific department or position resources for short time periods.

Generic Computer Accounts can be used for: 

  1. If you have a shared computer (kiosk) that needs to stay logged in for multiple users to access, a generic account will be needed.
  2. Department volunteers that do not qualify for employee accounts can use a Generic Account to access department resources.
  3. VIU departments that have shared mobile devices (laptops, tablets, etc) that do not support individual log in, but need to access VIU secure wireless can use a generic account account . (be sure to check the YES box for Secure VIU Access on the request form if this is your intended use.)
  • Employees using personal or assigned mobile devices should use their standard VIU employee computer account.
  • You can find information about the VIU Employee Computer Account in this guide: Employee Technology Guide

Key points to remember when using a Generic Account:

  • The generic account administrator is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the account can always be attributed to a single individual at one time.
  • The generic account administrator is responsible for keeping documentation recording the dates that an individual has been granted access to the account.
  • The generic account administrator is responsible for changing the password on the account whenever an individual no longer requires access to the account.
  • Generic accounts follow the VIU password standards for complexity and length 
  • Generic accounts, by default, will not have access to Wireless Networks (VIU-Secure). You must request this access if it is needed.
  • The generic account administrator should keep a record of all generic accounts they have requested so they can provide information regarding ongoing need when requested.
  • Generic accounts should be audited by the account Administrator on an annual basis for appropriateness of access and ongoing need.

How do I request a generic account?

To request a Generic Account:

  1. Read the Generic Account Standard: Generic Account Standard 
  2. Complete the Generic Account Request Form:  Generic Account Request form
  3. Track your generic accounts (sample excel generic account tracker)
  4. Email the completed Request form to

Temporary Computer Accounts

What is a Temporary Computer Account?

Temporary Computer Accounts are special accounts that have limited use for logging on to a computer and accessing the Internet.

Temporary Computer Accounts can be used for:

1.       Special events whose attendees or speakers need to log on to computers or require all day continuous wireless access. ( interviews, presentations, workshops etc)

  •  Special events that do not need to log on to computers or do not require all day uninterrupted wireless access should use viu-guest wireless
  • You can find instructions for connecting to viu-guest here: Guest Wireless instructions

2.       VIU students who are taking a course that is 1 day or shorter (ie: Professional Development and Training courses).

  • Students taking courses that are 2 days or longer should create a standard VIU student computer account.  
  • Instructions for creating a student account can be found here: Student Account Information

How do I request a Temporary Computer Account

Active VIU Employees can request a Temporary Account for an event or course they are organizing
Be sure to allow ample time for the account to be created for your event/course. We need at least a full work week to make sure we can action the request on time.

Send an email to with your request, and include the following information. 

  • Name of the Event  or Course
  • Name of the Event/Course Facilitator/Instructor
  • Start Date and Time of the event
  • If it is multi day event – End Date and Time
  • How many people will need to log in with the temporary account – keep in mind that event attendees can use VIU-GUEST.  This account is meant only for those who need all day continuous wireless access, ie; students in a course, main presenters/instructors.  

NOTE: Each person who needs to use the account will have a separate username and password, and the event Facilitator/instructor is required to keep track of who is using which login.



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