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Create a Parent Menu Item

drag the item into place once it has been saved SAVE the changes when you are done. For my example, I wanted to add a menu item called Section Type Descriptions and I wanted it to be a under

Edit Page Content

 Publishing Options section on the left side of the editing screen, and provide a brief description of the main changes made to the page.  This will also make it much easier to figure out what has changed if you ever need to revert to a previous edition of the page.

Zoom for Outlook - Microsoft 365 Outlook Add-in

Description The Zoom for Outlook add-in allows you to add a Zoom meeting to a new or existing Outlook calendar event.  Where can it be used Zoom for Outlook can be used within the Outlook

Add a New Contact

field, the program will over-ride the First and Last names you enter in the Contact Information section and all you will see is the Display Name. Fill out the desired fields in the Contact

How do I view my IT Tickets?

    Description – The Description field is displayed below the Details section and includes what was written in the Description field of the ticket when it was created. If you submitted a ticket

Drupal Training Video

the Menu Edit a Page Create a New Page Adding Images and Documents Replace a File Sections Customize this Page

File Naming

adding files to your site. All media on you site (documents, images, video, audio) should use the same conventions: Use simple, concise descriptions of the file content start with a


Highlights is where we feature recent Information Technology projects, initiatives, and changes to VIU technology. We'll use this section to let you know about upcoming changes and recent

How do I add an Alert to a Ticket?

see My Active Alerts section added with the alerts listed that you've added.   Simply click Delete next to any alerts you want to delete

What does my Ticket Status mean?

Placeholder for Content on What does my Ticket Status mean? for clients. List all ticket status with description and matching status titles :   Open  The ticket has been entered and

Classroom Technology Guide

the appropriate adapter if necessary Detailed Set Up (classroom specific) This section contains a list of rooms equipped with classroom technology. Each room links to a step by step manual

How do I submit a telecom inquiry or support request?

(required for all Telecom requests) Detailed description of the problem The following are occasions when you may need to contact your department’s telephone service requests (TSR) User (typically

About Contact Pages

lot of fields to fill out when adding a new contact,  but not all of them will show up on the contact square (this is explained below in the Keep Your Information Consistent section). If the

Tableau Software Issues on Macs

-tableau-reader Click the link above, then look in the Answer: section of the article for the link to the Tableau Reader product page. Click this link, then click Download Now on the next page

Software at VIU

. List of Available Software Accessibility Name Description How to Access (Students) How to Access (Employees) Inspiration Visual