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Collapse the Section

section ... Once you choose to save the webpage, the sections will automatically collapse. Sometimes when you are finished working on a certain section, you might still need to make other edits to the page

Remove a Section

section ... If you decide that you no longer want a particular section you can easily remove it by clicking on the  Remove Section Type: … button NOTE: It is recommended that you review the section

Add a Combo Section

section ... There are a few areas to fill in with a Combo Section - Image, content, CTA button and display settings.  Each part will be explained separately. The first part deals with the Image you

Description: Combo Section Type

go another page or resource. CTA buttons are optional on this type of section and you will have a couple of choices for the text position and theme colours.  All of the options are explained and examples are provided in the ‘How To..’ instructions

Common Elements for Sections Setup

section ... When working with sections there are a couple of common commands that will be part of every instruction guide. These commands are explained below, but to save space and repetition; the ‘How To

Description: Standard Section Types

appear. The default display options are shown in the examples below.  During setup, there are a couple of display changes you can make, and these are fully explained in the How To... instructions

Description: Text Section Type

section ... Text section is good choice if you want to continue with your general content from the body area, but want a bit of separation, or if you are continuing after inserting a different section or two

Add a Flex CTA Section

section ... Flex CTA sections give you a cropped image with room for a description below and a CTA button that will allow viewers to click to open a new page or resource. When you choose this section type, you

Add an Image Gallery Section

section ... he image gallery should be the first option you see in the Section Type drop down list, so all you need to do is click the Add new Section button: There are a few fields that need to be filled

Description: Collapsible Group Section Type

clicked on one of the headings, the section will expand so you can see what is hidden: If you click on the arrow again, or click on an arrow for a different heading; it will collapse the

Description: Image Gallery Section Type

page. The border around the image gallery example below represents the “full width” of the page so you can see how the section will display.

About Sections

section ... give you a brief description for each type of section, along with images to represent what the section will look like after it has been published. The menu items under Section – Set Up Instructions

Add a Collapsible Section

section ... viewer can pick which items they want to read more about. These instructions will explain how to add a simple Collapsible Section Collapsible section fields look like this: Enter a

Add New Sections

section ... Once the section has been added, go to the Menu and look for the instructions page that relates to the type of section you chose.  There will be a different pages of instructions for each type of section available.

Edit Sections

section ... Click on the Edit button to open the edit screen for your webpage.  The sections are collapsed when you save the page so when you enter edit mode, all you will see is a list of all the sections